Somewhere along the border between meat and pixels, my “desperate struggle” begins again!

Travis’s latest opponents: the main characters of their own games

Games from a wide variety of genres can be played on the legendary game console - the Death Drive Mk II!
Dive into each game to take on the main characters of each respective title!

Load up a game on the Death Drive Mk II, and...

Dive straight into the video game world.

Seek out and collect the Deathballs in the Adventure Part of Travis Strikes Back!

Saddle up on the motorcycle at the trailer to jump into the “story mode” portion of Travis Strikes Back, where you’ll be tasked with searching for the various Deathballs!
Find the lost Deathballs and dive into each title’s own unique world!

A nostalgic yet all-new classic game style.

Enjoy the hilarious conversations and interactions between the veritable rogues’ gallery of featured characters.

Featuring classic video game action mixed with quirky and original battles like you’ve never seen before!

Slice your way through them with all the beam charging, pro-wrestling-finisher action you know and love -- turned up to 11.

Shake the controller to get your beam charge on.

Take out bosses with awesome and stylish finishing blows!

Grab a friend for two-player co-op play with Travis and Badman!

Play as Travis or Badman, or team up and co-op as Travis AND Badman.

Combine various skills for truly satisfying action-filled gameplay!

Apart from your normal attacks, you can also take advantage of a variety of special skills by using the Skill Gauge.

There are 24 special skills in total, and up to four can be equipped at once. Players can customize their characters’ skill sets to their own personal tastes, allowing for even more fun and unique gameplay.

The Skill Gauge replenishes itself automatically over time.

Unleash the Shining Chip skill!

Some special skills:

1:Shining Chip
Lifts enemies up and launches them away. Hold the button down and move the stick to decide which direction to send them flying.
2:Destroy Chip
Builds a wall in front of you. Travis can pass through it, but enemies and their projectiles cannot.
3:Double X Chip
Sets down an energy bomb. After a certain amount of time, the bomb will explode, damaging any enemies within the blast range.
4:Self Chip
Creates a strong vortex of gravity. Enemies within the effect range are pulled towards the center of the area.
5:V2 Chip
Spins your character around while attacking. It’s also possible to move while attacking.
6:Wing Chip
Shoots lightning bolts from your hands. Affects all enemies within range.
7:∀ Chip
Generates an area within which players will recover power. Power is recovered a little at a time while within the circle.
8:Heavy Chip
Generates an area within which enemies are slowed down. Helps to stop quickly moving enemies.

Turn the tables instantly with Charge Attacks!

You can unleash powerful Charge Attacks by consuming Charge Energy. Charge Energy can be stored up to level 3.

By performing simultaneous Charge Attacks during co-op play, you can unleash the super-powerful co-op attack “Choco Banana with Caramel Ice Cream”.

Save on the toilet!

The Toilet Save feature from the previous games in the NO MORE HEROES series is alive and well!

Replenish your power... with ramen?!

“Ramen Bugjiro” stalls can be found in various places throughout the game.
Wolf down one of the cook’s amazing bowls of ramen to fill up both your power and your Charge Energy!